Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marriage proposal

- E tens que me dar um beijinho e um abra├žinho!
- Absolutely, lovee!!
- If X doesn't marry with I will! I will marry with you, ok??? But... we need a baby, yeah?
- You want to have a baby?!
- No, but you need to have babies for marry,yeah? You need to.
- Well, no, not always.
- How you marry?
- Well, (explanation), but sons and mothers don't get married; you are already my son we don't need to get married.
- But I want to! When I am an adult we can, yeah? When I am a... a one and an eight... What age will you be?
- 50.
- 50? That's less than a hundred?
- Yes, its half.
- Much more less. That's when we'll get married, ok?
- Sure, we'll talk about it later...